Express Payroll and Jackrabbit Technologies

Westborough Payroll Service Mark Mahoney

“Express Payroll mirrors my paperless philosophy. I can submit payroll anytime, day or night and it is fast and easy – without any waste. The payroll team is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I always know I will receive quality and personable service when I need it.”

Mark Mahoney, Jackrabbit Technologies Co-Founder

For many of our valued clients using Jackrabbit Technologies, the ultimate solution exists in our partnership and collaboration!


What is Jackrabbit Technologies?

Jackrabbit Technologies is the integrative software for time reporting when you need it most. Express Payroll and Jackrabbit make your Customer Service Management and payroll processing system as seamless as possible. We truly go the extra mile in absolutely everything we do to provide you with the ultimate solution. That’s why we have partnered with one of the top softwares that our clients use most. After all, you are our top priority, and we are here to help you.

Jackrabbit Technologies targets companies typically working in gymnastics, dance, swimming schools, cheer programs, music programs, childcare centers and more. The online software is the most responsive and robust management software for industries teaching your children.


How Does Express Payroll Work with Jackrabbit Technologies?

We take care of the payroll processing for your business. How do we do this you ask? Our software intentionally integrates with Jackrabbit Files so you can access everything you need all in one place with the most seamless experience possible.

How Do My Jackrabbit Files Collaborate with Express Payroll?

Express Payroll and Jackrabbit have partnered together to make time reporting and payroll processing as efficient as possible. Both programs are web based and service many of the same clients thus linking the two products together was a natural step.

Jackrabbit clients have access to one of the most robust time management programs on the market. The tracking of multiple pay types, automatic employee numbering, as well as the ability to add bonuses and fixed dollar amounts makes this one of the premiere products in the world.

With just a few clicks, the time and payroll data imports into the payroll system and Express Payroll handles it from there. Employee payments are created with direct deposit or check, payroll taxes are impounded and remitted to the appropriate agencies, tax forms and filings are processed and a robust reporting module is provided for owners and employees that can be accessed through any device.

Business owners are amazed at how simple the process is and how much time is saved from using both programs together. In addition, Express Payroll offers a simple start up for Jackrabbit clients, that can be completed in as little as 15 minutes.

Express Payroll offers Human Resource and Strategic Services such as workers compensation and unemployment insurance benchmarking for all Jackrabbit clients. Using our proprietary industry classification tool, our Strategic group has compiled statistics and benchmarks to ensure your business receives the best rates, pricing and provider offerings in the marketplace.

Express Payroll’s full service offering includes Jackrabbit dedicated customer support and our special partner discounting. Please contact us to obtain the most accurate quote for service.

How Can This Help Me?

Two for the customer relationship management systemsFor customers using existing Jackrabbit Technologies as their customer relationship management software, or CRM system, Express Payroll provides the complete solution. You will be amazed at the seamless integration of your existing Jackrabbit files, and the ability to process payroll quickly and efficiently! Between Express Payroll and Jackrabbit, the goal is to make your business run as efficiently as possible. The collaboration makes that even easier for you. Reach out to Express Payroll if you are seeking payroll services. If you are an existing Jackrabbit Technologies customer, it only makes sense to outsource your payroll solutions with Express Payroll to experience the most seamless integration and collaboration in the industry!


A Win Win For You

The best thing about a solid partnership is the convenience you receive, and the support. Both Jackrabbit and Express Payroll make you, the customer, our top priority. For that reason, both companies collaborated to deliver a seamless experience for your customers and your employees. When Customer Relationship Management Software meets Payroll Service Provider, you win.
We understand most business owners, such as gymnastic studios, swimming centers, activity centers, childcare centers, or any small business, really, relies on the core assets of their business – the customer and employees. When we deliver the payroll experience, perfectly and seamlessly integrated with your CRM system, your sense of confidence in business heightens, and you realize business with minimal burning fires after all is always a good thing.


You really do get a seamless, technology-integrated, user-friendly experience when your favorite payroll company partners with your favorite customer relationship management provider, the two companies work hard to create a convenient experience for you. This can be from processing payroll, to gathering reports all in one place for the employee, right after checking key metrics you provide within your CRM software. We deliver convenience so you win, the employee benefits and the customer remains confident in their experience with you!


This is a great benefit to the collaboration of Jackrabbit Technologies and Express Payroll. When two companies combine, we work hard to debug the system many, many, long and tiresome hours prior to serving you. We know what issues can arise and we know how to fix them. We’re your trusted support team when it comes to payroll for your employees. Jackrabbit is the support team for customers. We work together when need be to give you the best experience possible!

No matter what, we have your back. From working together on a support case for you, to the beginning when we had many hours invested into the integration before you began the system, we’ve had your back. We continue to have your back. We will continue to work together to improve the software and the overall user experience for you. We appreciate your interest in Express Payroll!