About Us

What is Express Payroll?

The fact is, the pain of processing payroll is a major chore that many business owners simply find their time is better maximized when they outsource this task. When it comes to Express Payroll, we go above and beyond in every way to make the payroll process as seamless and as easy as possible for you. The great thing about Express Payroll is that we make sure to provide you with the tools you need and the ability to look at your payroll anytime so that you can see exactly what your payroll budget looks like at any point in time. We get it. As a business owner, you want immediate answers. That is why Express Payroll works to live up to the name.

We truly go above and beyond in every way possible to make sure that we work quickly and efficiently when it comes to your people. Again, we live up to our name, Express Payroll. After all, the Express Payroll system has been developed by a CPA with many years of experience, even operating over 20 businesses himself. So, you can say that we know and understand a thing or two. We truly go above and beyond to make your payroll experience GREAT! The best part about Express Payroll, is our commitment to serving you and providing you with the best experience possible. Clients know this, and that is why they recommend us every time.

What Payroll Services Can Express Payroll Help With?

Having a payroll provider gives you more time to work on your business, doing the things you do best. For the payroll analysis team at Express Payroll, this is what we do best. That’s why you are our top priority. We make payday quick and easy for you, but offer a personalized analysis so you get the close attention to detail you need. The service is all-inclusive, meaning you never have any kind of hidden fees.

Payroll is a part of business that most business owners manually process for years. Or, when they do begin to outsource the task of paying employees, they find that the big, mega payroll companies offer minimal support and speaking to the same person to troubleshoot an issue or offer any type of support when you need it is a challenge. That’s why our goal is to provide you with the individualized attention you need. We’re the small, local, friendly payroll provider with the mega technology to give you the best experience processing payroll and enhancing your efficiency in your company.

We offer the easy solution when you need it most. For a worry-free, easy to use, no surprise approach to payroll, Express Payroll is only a call away! The personalized approach will give you the peace of mind you seek. The analysis will give you access to information right at your fingertips. The all-inclusive approach helps you manage your budget accordingly, and make decisions based on those needs.

Westborough Payroll Service | Express Payroll Founder - Sean Dever

Meet the Founder of Express Payroll

Sean Dever is the founder of Express Payroll. As a business owner himself, he understands the chore of managing all of the daily operations of running the business, including payroll. We provide top payroll solutions for you so you know exactly what to expect every time. Sean has worked with small businesses in children’s activity centers, gymnastics, swimming centers, dance studios and any other type of small business seeking payroll solutions. As a speaker of choice for many organizations all across the nation, he travels to provide insight into companies and their payroll systems, accounting needs, and provides updated information to guide business owners through updated laws, changes and even businesses seeking and increase in efficiency for companies all over.

In addition to Express Payroll, Sean operates twenty different businesses himself. If there is anyone who knows what a business owner wants or needs to enhance their accounting and payroll systems. It’s Sean. Choose the payroll company, created by a founder in your shoes, with the same problems you experience, and the founder who created a solution to your needs!

Who Could Benefit From Express Payroll?

Express Payroll is a full service payroll solution. We handle all the items that the big firms offer but we do it a little differently. Compliance, tax payments and filings, direct deposit and checks, online portals with robust reporting, electronic paystubs and tax forms for your employees, time clock features, general ledger integration and year end filings are all included in our full service package.

Over the years, we have invested in our technology and people to ensure that the software and system being offered to our clients is the best in the industry. Our software is hosted online and can be accessed by unlimited approved users from any device. Our payroll processing software has been developed to be the easiest tool on the market and we test it with 5th graders before releasing to the general public and tweek if necessary!

Express Payroll is owned and managed by Sean Dever, who is a CPA and has owned and operated over 20 small businesses himself. Sean realized early on in his professional career, while working with several of his clients, that the large payroll firms were a combination of multiple acquisitions and the software, support and process was clunky, expensive and disbanded. He set out to create a solution for small business owners that was easy to use, customer friendly and an efficient process that would help owners ENJOY the task of completing payroll.

For most small businesses, payroll is their largest expense, and certainly it’s their most important expense. Express Payroll helps small business owners understand their most important cost with education, amazing customer support and analysis tools that are built with the small business owner in mind. Our fully trained professionals have been with us for years and appreciate the importance of how payroll impacts families all the time! Trusting your payroll provider and knowing they are on your side is essential to giving you the peace of mind you need as a business owner or manager juggling multiple aspects of the business. Our professionals are real people that care about you, your employees and your business!