Direct deposit authorization 

Express Payroll, the premier Westborough Payroll Service, has provided a quick and easy way for you to obtain the necessary required paperwork for onboarding of your employees.  Although employers can always add or customize certain documents for the employee experience and internal requirements, it is imperative that employees complete the minimum requirements issued by the  Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service.

The documents provided below pertain to the minimums that you should request when an employee accepts employment at your organization.  The Form I-9 is essential and required by the Department of Labor. This document should be filled out entirely by the employee and then verified by the employer along with supporting documents per the instructions on the form.  This form is used to verify the employee identity and ensure that they are authorized to work in the United States.  This document is to be maintained within your Corporate Resources Department and copies of items such as passports, social security cards, drivers licenses, etc must be maintained along with these documents, ready and prepared for you by Westborough Payroll Service provider, Express Payroll. 

The next Westborough Payroll Service onboarding form provided for your employee onboarding experience is the Form W-4, which is required to be completed by the Internal Revenue Service.  Employees are required to fill out this form upon being hired and they may also update these forms regularly throughout their employment experience.  This form is used to let employers know how much tax to withhold from the employee paycheck based on their filing status, dependents, anticipated tax credits and deductions.  These forms are updated occasionally and employers should be providing the most recent forms when hiring new employees.  A new form is not required for existing employees when a new release is published, however employees may choose to complete a new form at any time if they request to change their tax elections.  It is strongly suggested that employers do not provide any guidance on how to complete these forms as it may be construed as providing tax advice to the employee, however, employers should always review the forms for completeness prior to loading the information or forwarding the form to Express Payroll.  Employees should always review this form and any other tax form with the tax advisors. Of course, your favorite Westborough Payroll Service provider, Express Payroll is here to help as well. 

Similarly to the Form W-4 noted above, there are state issued withholding forms as well if your state has a tax withholding.  Note that several states within the United States do not require tax withholdings.  Employers can find these state issued withholding forms on the Department of Revenue websites directly or you can contact Express Payroll and we will be happy to supply you with current blank forms as well.  Employees should always review this form and any other tax form with the tax advisors. Several copies of blank employment forms should always be kept at your place of business to be provided to new candidates that are applying for employment.  

The last form provided is a direct deposit blank form. Although an employee can always supply a voided check or a direct deposit form from their financial institution, it is suggested to have them fill out a form that is signed by the employee directly.  The form attached is a sample direct deposit form that is provided to our clients but Express Payroll will accept any form approved by the employer.  Direct deposit is widely accepted and strongly suggested as the preferred way to conduct business to prevent check fraud on employer accounts, prevent lost or misplaced manual checks, to provide employees with the benefit of electronic payments and allow employers the freedom of not having to distribute manual checks.  Additionally, most states enable employers to make direct deposit mandatory if this is suitable for your business practices.

Lastly, although the documents provided herein are manual forms, Express Payroll also provides an electronic onboarding Westborough Payroll Service experience for employers as well.  The onboarding process starts with either the recruitment stage or the offer for employment phase and all forms can be sent via email to the employee and completed directly online.  Employers have the option to include additional documents unique to their business and their individual needs and the documents are maintained electronically on our protected servers that can be accessed anytime from anywhere with internet service. 

Please feel free to contact Express Payroll anytime regarding the documents discussed above, our electronic version of onboarding employees or for any of your payroll and Human Resource needs and other Westborough Payroll Services when you need it most.